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Replacement HP Laptop Keyboard

701684-B31 696284-B31 701915-B31 Keyboard for HP Pavilion Sleekbook 15-B 15u 15t-B 15z-B

Language layout English (US)
Colour Black
with Track Point no
with Backlit Keys no
Item code KEYHP07201A
***Actual product may differ from the item depicted in the photos***Please contact us for more details***

Compatible part number

  • 701684-B31
  • 696284-B31
  • 701915-B31

Can be used with the following laptop(s)

  • Pavilion 15-B
  • Pavilion 15-b013ei
  • Pavilion 15u
  • Pavilion 15t-B
  • Pavilion 15z-B